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From hiring an apprentice to help you with a large-scale talent solutions to hiring individuals for SMEs - we have got it all. Our create recruitment and talent solutions that helps your to identify the right talent for the right job. With no recruitment fees to pay, our dedicated Account Manager at HRUC Apprenticeships & Skills will work with you to provide you with the candidates who are perfect matches for your requirements.

Need bespoke recruitment services

We will work with you and our local job centres to meet your specific recruitment needs through customised training programmes in and around west London

Want to develop and recruit staff internally?

We provide excellent staff development programmes to help you find hidden talents and recruit within the company.

Choose HRUC Apprenticeships & Skills

  • We are one of the top college training and recruitment providers in London

  • Driven by industry-standards, we are committed to providing the best customer experience

  • We are a provider you can rely on - a strong track record of delivering recruitment and training for over 50 years

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  • Hire new staff in a cost effective way
  • Train or progress your existing staff to specialist areas and
  • Create a pipeline of new talents for your bottom line.
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Hire our venue for recruitment sessions

Looking for a space to run the interviews/assessments or inductions? We offer rooms for hire at a competitive rate in Harrow, Uxbridge and Hayes.