Barry Cooper

Business Development Consultant

01895 853792 | 07903 853748
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Sectors I look after:

Business Development Consultant for The Technical Apprenticeship School which includes; Mechanical & Electronic Engineering, Electrical Installation, Plumbing & Gas, Motor Vehicle and Building Services.

Services I offer:

Consultancy and development for all areas of engineering for companies and apprentices.

Key strengths:

Enthusiasm, tenacity, empathy, getting the job done, professionalism, knowing what I am talking about to professionals in their particular industry.

Career summary:

Apprentice at Ford Motor Company, Zone Manager at Ford Motor Company, Project Manager at BT, Business Development.

One big achievement I have had at HCUC:

I have brought on to HCUC apprenticeships large plc companies for engineering apprenticeships such as “BAE Systems” and continue to grow our apprenticeship and employer base.

Why companies should consider Apprenticeship Scheme to hire and train their employees:

HCUC are the largest and most accomplished college for engineering in West London, we take apprentices from differing types of engineering companies in and around West London and beyond. we train the apprentices and have an excellent out-turn of skilled people at the end of their apprenticeship. Consultant for The Technical Apprenticeship School for HCUC.

Why choose HCUC:

HCUC is an “Outstanding College” and we live up to that by our technical, professional and skillful teaching to our apprentices.