Candice Temasfieldt

Business Development Consultant

01895 853 621 | 0782 727 4823
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Sectors I look after:

Accounting, Business Administration, Customer Service, Hospitality & Catering, Human Resources, Learning & Development and Leadership & Management.

Services I offer:

Apprenticeship recruitment & upskilling, traineeships and commercial courses.

My key strengths:

I am an excellent communicator which is important in my field of work. I ensure I can tailor my language to my audience, listen effectively and presenting ideas clear and concisely. I feel I have good negotiation skills which I mainly build by having trust with my employers and apprentices from the beginning and if I feel something isn’t going to work I am upfront and honest with my feelings and would be keen to explore other avenues to make the situation work as best as it can.

Career summary:

I have been working within the Apprenticeships sector for almost 15 years. I first started my apprenticeship at the age of 17yrs and was employed as an administrator working for a private training provider. I enrolled onto a Business Admin Level 2 apprenticeship and progressed onto a Customer Service Level 3 apprenticeship. I was then promoted within the Sales team as an Apprenticeship Advisor. After working for the employer for five years I decided to branch out and work for a further education college for a few years and managed to work with a lot of companies such as The Ritz, London Fire Brigade and Hotel Café Royal. I have been with HCUC coming up to 6th year anniversary in May and supporting some fantastic employers such as Menzies Aviation, Brunel University London and Anand Financial Architecture.

Why companies should consider Apprenticeship Scheme to hire and train their employees:

Apprenticeships have dramatically changed over the last five years and with the apprenticeship levy and new standards being introduced in 2017 it has provided employers to look at how apprenticeships can be utilised in their training and development workforce by upskilling existing members of staff and taking on new apprentices.

By investing in apprenticeships to upskill or recruit it will improve the skills of the workforce which will help businesses grow and enhance the existing workforce’s career development.

Why choose HCUC?

As a further education provider and stakeholder HCUC are committed to ensuring all our learners receive high quality learning and development; from full time courses, apprenticeships, traineeships and helping those get back into employment. Our aim is to encourage local businesses to recruit our learners and re-train existing members of staff onto our high quality valued apprenticeships. We are committed in what we do and want to ensure with our support and guidance we can guide you through to achieving your career goals and developing your skills for the future.

One big achievement I have had at HCUC:

Our Business Administration Apprentice Sally Sturgess was one of three that was awarded with highly commendable award for Apprentice of the Year 2021 at West London Business Awards. Sally is a fantastic apprentice and was dedicated in learning and improving her skills. Sally’s apprentice journey has really evolved and is now looking to complete some financial training with her employer and build upon her apprenticeship with HCUC. It’s great to see the commitment from our learners such as Sally and we look forward to having more apprentices to help build and shape their careers.