Katy Bagnall

Performance and Quality Officer

0208 909 6365
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Services I offer:

Onefile support and training, Quality monitoring, achievement retention, functional skills support, learner/ employer feedback, compliance.

Career summary:

I joined Harrow College in September 2016 and supported the merger to create HCUC Apprenticeships and skills. My role as a Performance and Quality Officer is to support curriculum areas and monitor their compliance in order to deliver apprenticeships to an outstanding standard. I will support my colleagues to find solutions for issues that may arise and give advise on best practice. I play a key role in the use of our E-portfolio system, Onefile, and carry out training to all stakeholders.

Why  choose HCUC?

HCUC have robust systems in place to support learners and employers throughout the apprenticeship journey. The Apprenticeship and Skills team work closely to ensure outstanding practices are in place and create a valuable learning experience to all of our apprentices.

One big achievement I have had at HCUC:

I have been responsible for taking lead with Onefile and promoting it’s use across HCUC. I trained staff across HCUC through training sessions and one to one meetings. Onefile is now used across all curriculum areas and forms a key part part of the apprenticeship delivery.

My key strengths:

Enthusiasm, tenacity, empathy, getting the job done, professionalism, knowing what I am talking about to professionals in their particular industry.