West Met Skills is now HCUC Apprenticeships & Skills

We are just a new name, but the same service provider! 

As a merged College group, West Met Skills have worked together brilliantly since 2017 and evolved as a greater team to provide excellent service to our clients. Now it is the perfect opportunity for us to realign with our parent brand HCUC (Harrow College & Uxbridge College) and present ourselves as HCUC Apprenticeships & Skills.

We may have a different name, but we are the same dedicated team who will continue to work with you to help you achieve your recruitment and training goals in and around London.

HCUC Apprenticeships & Skills - an experienced leading provider in the industry.

Our handpicked training courses and certifications always focus on the largest and the fastest growth areas that are high in demand in business.

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Bespoke Training & Development

We offer a free no obligation on-site visit to assess your needs and  develop a bespoke training and development package that:

  • targets your skills gaps and helps develop your staff
  • meets your budget needs (including help to access the best funding opportunities available)
  • takes at a time and place to suit your business operation
  • offers to evaluate effectiveness of training and to ensure your needs have been met
  • provides a range of recruitment, retention, training and skills solutions to develop your business.

Benefits for your Business

  • You have a choice of delivery style and duration that suits you

  • We select the best fit trainers for your organisation

  • Training programmes are flexible and offer feedback

  • We provide dedicated Account Manager to support you

  • You can embed training and quality development into your business

Find out more about how to

  • Hire new staff in a cost effective way
  • Train or progress your existing staff to specialist areas and
  • Create a pipeline of new talent for your bottom line.

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  • Call us on 01895 853780