Virtual Apprenticeship Open Day

Attend our Virtual Open Day for Apprenticeships on 2 December 2020 at 6-7pm.

West Met Skills is now HCUC Apprenticeships & Skills

We are just a new name, but the same service provider! 

HCUC Apprenticeship & Skills  - Apprenticeships and Employer Services from Harrow College and Uxbridge College. We are a leading industry-focused recruitment and training provider in west London.

As a merged College group, West Met Skills have worked together brilliantly since 2017 and evolved as a greater team to provide excellent service to our clients. Now it is the perfect opportunity for us to realign with our parent brand HCUC (Harrow College & Uxbridge College) and present ourselves as HCUC Apprenticeships & Skills. 

We may have a different name, but we are the same dedicated team who will continue to work with you to help you achieve your recruitment and training goals in and around London. 

COVID - 19 update for our apprentices and employers

Harrow College & Uxbridge College remains committed to continuing to provide an outstanding service to our employers and apprentices throughout COVID-19. Our Apprenticeships Recruitment and Business Development team are here to support you and offer advice and guidance during the stressful times.

We are champions of collaboration

We offer an enhanced provision of high-quality Apprenticeships and tailor-made recruitment and training for Employers through the combined wealth of experience and strengths of both Harrow College and Uxbridge College.

We are a trusted provider

  • We are the largest college group in west London in providing high-quality apprenticeships

  • We are one of the 12 institutions in the country to be an Institute of Technology in West London, established by the government.

  • We are a provider you can rely on – a strong track record of delivering training for over 50 years

  • We are experienced – we work with over 700 apprentices and 1200 employers at any given time.